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2013 in Movies

January 1, 2014

01. Safe
02. The Five Year Engagement
03. Baghead
04. The Accidental Tourist
05. Take This Waltz
06. High Tension
07. God Bless America
08. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
09. Mildred Pierce
10. Muppet Christmas Carol
11. Mystery Train
12. High Hopes
13. Polytechnique
14. Sleepwalk with Me
15. Tigerland
16. Naked
17. IP Man
18. Turn Me On, Dammit
19. Friends with Kids
20. Explicit Ills
21. Infamous
22. Sidewalls
23. Paschendale
24. Ted
25. Reign of Fire
26. Night Train to Munich
27. The Hunt (Jagten)
28. True Romance
29. It Happened One Night
30. Solo Con Tu Pareja
31. Azul Intangible
32. Godzilla
33. No
34. The Ballad of Jack and Rose
35. Dr. Zhivago
36. The Lesser Blessed
37. Magnifica Presenza
38. Side Effects
39. Dans la Mansion (In the House)
40. The King
41. Ruby Sparks
42. The Deep Blue Sea
43. Hot Coffee
44. The Thin Man
45. The Fallen Idol
46. The Limits of Control
47. Beasts of the Southern Wild
48. Taking Woodstock
49. The Sound of Noise
50. This Film is Not Yet Rated
51. There Will be Blood
52. Doomsday Book
53. Robocop
54. The Times of Harvey Milk
55. Ace in the Hole
56. Safe House
57. The Lady Vanishes
58. Patrik 1.5
59. Once
60. Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry
61. After Hours
62. Super
63. Seven Pounds
64. Hobson’s Choice
65. Another Thin Man
66. Hot Rod
67. Casino
68. La Casa De Mi Padre
69. Carnal Knowledge
70. 56 Up
71. Charlie Bartlett
72. Winnebago Man
73. Blue
74. The Awful Truth
75. The Beaver
76. A Dangerous Method
77. Daytime Drinking
78. Pitch Perfect
79. Once Were Warriors
80. The Raid: Redemption
81. The Queen of Versailles
82. Skyfall
83. Evil Dead
84. The Host
85. Trance
86. The Bourne Legacy
87. Beauty is Embarassing
88. Zero Dark Thirty
89. Safety Not Guaranteed
90. The Hobbit
91. Night of the Comet
92. Life of Pi
93. Dredd
94. Rust and Bone
95. Elena
96. Midnight in Paris
97. For a Good Time Call
98. This is 40
99. Badlands
100. Mooz-lum
101. Hesher
102. The Place Beyond the Pines
103. Limitless
104. The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit
105. How to Survive a Plague
106. 22 Bullets
107. Children of Paradise
108. Headhunters
109. The Towering Inferno
110. Mud
111. Star Trek: Into Darkness
112. Lawless
113. In the Beginning
114. Lenny
115. All Good Things
116. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
117. Bear Cub (Cachorro)
118. Killer Joe
119. Taken 2
120. The Conversation
121. Mama
122. Rudo & Cursi
123. Holy Motors
124. I wish
125. Flight
126. Gates of Heaven
127. The Purge
128. This is the End
129. The Master
130. Jane Eyre
131. Two-Lane Blacktop
132. Smokin’ Aces
133. Undertow (gay)
134. Upstream Color
135. White House Down
136. World War Z
137. Man of Steel
138. Starting out in the Evening
139. A Better Life
140. Trade
141. Oslo, August 31
142. Extract
143. The 39 Steps
144. Lake Tahoe
145. The Whistleblower
146. End of Watch
147. Sound City
148. Perks of Being a Wallflower
149. 2 Days in Paris
150. Never Cry Wolf
151. the Grifters
152. Stage Fright
153. Barney’s Version
154. The Kid Stays in the Picture
155. Liberal Arts
156. A Separation
157. Paradise Now
158. Zelig
159. Temporada de Patos (Duck Season)
160. Fright Night
161. Stoker
162. Bend it like Beckham
163. The Last Stand
164. Celeste Jesse Forever
165. Pulp Fiction
166. The mist
167. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
168. Your Sister’s Sister
169. Shotgun Stories
170. Damsels in Distress
171. Seven Psychopaths
172. The World’s End


173. Event Horizon
174. The Firm
175. Mental
176. Not Fade Away
177. Smashed
178. Law Abiding Citizen
179. Mosquita y Mari
180. Picture Day
181. Blancanieves
182. The Manchurian Candidate
183. Iron Man 3
184. Killing Them Softly
185. Juan of the Dead
186. Perfume
187. Doomsday
188. The Sessions
189. The Hunger Games
190. Zoolander
191. MASH
192. Monster
193. Elf
194. Frances Ha
195. Fitzgerald Family Christmas
196. The Lookout
197. Die Hard
198. The Station Agent
199. 2 Guns
200. The Impostor
201. The World Before Her
202. Touching the Void
203. Three Stars


Building Service Worker

January 28, 2013

I’m on break right now from a school program I’m in. It’s called the Building Service Worker program.

I had the opportunity to take this free school program, so here I am. It’s three weeks long and I’ll be leaving with three new certificates to put onto my resume. A lot of it basically could be narrowed down to “cleaning school” but there’s food handling and First Aid certificates in there too, and my résumé needs the bells and whistles. I’ve sent out so many at this point and I’ve been ignored every single person.

I worked with an outfit called Trauma Scene Clean Up for about three months but the work seems to have dried up. It was great work. I like to think it isn’t over and that I’ll soon be getting calls to get out there again. The money’s good, I like my coworkers, and I like helping people.

I don’t know where I’ll be at the end of this program but they have a job placement at the end so I’ll most likely have a steady job. I’ll try to avoid night jobs and being severely underpaid, but otherwise I’ll be happy to be back out of the house and bringing home a paycheck.

2012 in Movies:

January 2, 2013

1. Silent Running
2. Treasure Island
3. 21 Up
4. The Descendants
5. The Artist
6. The Hitcher
7. The Good German
8. Which Way Home
9. The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
10. 28 Up
11. The Trotsky
12. The Snow Walker
13. The Skin I Live In
14. Harlan County, USA
15. A Little Bit Zombie
16. Rundskop
17. Rango
18. Food, Inc
19. To Sir with Love
20. Blood Wedding
21. Deadball
22. Klovn
23. Victoria Film Festival Animated Shorts
24. The Guard
25. Life Above All
26. All About Eve
27. Troll Hunter
28. Temple Grandin
29. Harry and Tonto
30. The Big Sleep
31. Higher Ground
32. 35 Up
33. 42 Up
34. Girl in the Cafe
35. Fahrenheit 451
36. Not Without My Daughter
37. 49 Up
38. Sneakers
39. Irreconcilable Differences
40. Maltese Falcon
41. Tabloid
42. Deep water
43. The limey
44. The Losers
45. Seven Year Itch
46. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About his Father
47. OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies
48. A Cabin in the Woods
49. Muppet Treasure Island
50. Divided We Fall
51. Remember the Titans
52. Sita Sings the Blues
53. Conviction
54. Chungking Express
55. Get Low
56. Jurassic Park
57. My Neighbor Totoro
58. The Naked Kiss
59. The Gods Must be Crazy
60. The Last Picture Show
61. The Wind that Shakes the Barley
62. On the Waterfront
63. Being Elmo
64. Avengers
65. This American Life LIVE
66. Cedar Rapids
67. Citizen Ruth
68. Primer
69. Cassandra’s Dream
70. Phone Booth
71. Cronos
72. Atomic Submarine
73. Straw Dogs
74. Conspiracy Theory
75. 16 Blocks
76. The Big Chill
77. They Live
78. MacGruber
79. Defending Your Life
80. Ladyhawke
81. Edge of Seventeen
82. 21 Jump Street
83. Hannah and her Sisters
84. Sex Lies and Videotape
85. Jaws
86. Hangover 2
87. Invention of Lying
88. The Crying Game
89. Transformers 3
90. Face in the Crowd
91. Summer Hours
92. The Change Up
93. The Illusionist
94. Persepolis
95. Spaceballs
96. Schindler’s List
97. Blow Out
98. The Band’s Visit
99. Captain America: The First Avenger
100. Away We Go
101. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary
102. The Miracle Worker
103. Tiny Furniture
104. If a Tree Falls
105. Fanny and Alexander
106. The Night Porter
107. Nothing in Common
108. The Way Back
109. The Sitter
110. Magic Mike
111. A Portrait of Maurice Sendak
112. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
113. Moonrise Kingdom
114. McCabe & Mrs. Miller
115. The Elephant Man
116. Brief Encounter
117. Quiz Show
118. Dark Knight Rises
119. George Washington
120. Chronicle
121. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
122. Woody Allen doc
123. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
124. Some Kind of Wonderful
125. Project Nim
126. The Intouchables
127. Invincible
128. The Grey
129. Radio
130. Jennifer’s Body
131. Rocky
132. Children of Heaven
133. Paris Je’taime
134. Paul
135. J. Edgar
136. Beats Rhymes and Life
137. Brian’s Song
138. The Goonies
139. Young Adult
140. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
141. Thor
142. Senna
143. Butch Cassidy and Sundance
144. The Public Enemy
145. Spellbound
146. Capturing the Friedmans
147. Warrior
148. My Dinner with Andre
149. Hello, Dolly!
150. The Interrupters
151. Amazing Spider-Man
152. Total Recall
153. Bigger than Life
154. Arsenal
155. Shadows in Paradise
156. Mission impossible Ghost Protocol
157. Wanderlust
158. We Bought a Zoo
159. Biutiful
160. Blue Valentine
161. Goon
162. Monsieur Lahzar
163. Hugo
164. 30 Minutes or Less
165. Jeff, Who lives at home
166. Attack the Block
167. Beginners
168. Contraband
169. Happy
170. Frozen River
171. Secret World of Arriety
172. Tin Tin
173. Action Jackson
174. Cinema Verite
175. The Messenger
176. American Graffiti
177. Summer Wars
178. Mean Streets
179. Unstoppable
180. John Carter
181. Welcome to the Rileys
182. Rum Diary
183. Source Code
184. Looper
185. Argo
186. Like Crazy
187. Pressure Cooker
188. My Beautiful Laundrette
189. Do Deca Pentathlon
190. The Bank Job
191. Bill Cunningham: New York
192. Sunshine Cleaning
193. The Mechanic
194. Repo Men
195. Weekend
196. I’ve Loved you So Long
197. Masculin Feminin
198. Brave
199. Shelter
200. The Wrong Guy
201. The Jerk
202. Into the Abyss
203. Pirates
204. Public Speaking
205. The King of Comedy
206. Margaret
207. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
208. 11:14
209. Harold and Kumar Christmas
210. Shane
211. Revanche
212. Folk Art Found Me
213. A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop
214. The Promotion
215. The New World
216. The Phantom Carriage
217. Rampart
218. Submarine
219. The Color of Money
220. The Celluloid Closet
221. Chico y Rita
222. Our Idiot Brother
223. Django Unchained
224. Silver Linings Playbook
225. The Future
226. Toast
227. Bernie
228. Page Eight

Bold = Watched without Beth

Life this Week:

May 11, 2012


and this:

Hell truly is other people

December 15, 2011

Two Monthiversary

August 11, 2011

Today marks two months since Beth and I got married.

People ask me how married life is. On a physical level, not much different from how it used to be. We still live apart, with her in Victoria and me in Seattle. We still only see each other on the weekends. That much is the same.

The difference is that I miss her more, I think. I’ve always been sad on Sunday nights, when we part. I have a long drive ahead and I know I’ll miss her.
Now, though, it’s much harder. I used to be able to shrug a little and just think “at least I’ll be in Seattle.”
It just isn’t that easy anymore. Being in Seattle, without Beth, just doesn’t cut it anymore. I feel an indescribable dissatisfaction with everything in this town.

I’d like to just be with her.

April 9, 2011
eso pasaba in Cuba

This is my dad. I don’t know how long ago, but I can only imagine it was taken in Cuba. I want to take this picture and put it in as many places as possible.

oh, yeah

February 25, 2011
not my hand, but hers

I got engaged last week. I’ve been swamped for a couple of weeks now, so I haven’t had the opportunity to update this thing. Laundry, music writing, ebay, exercise, physical therapy, work, and the rest of it– they’ve kept me from updating all three of you.

I asked her at the Clipper terminal, just before I put her on the ferry for the week. I did the whole “let me tie my shoe” thing.

It is good.
It feels good. It’s all very exciting. She’s so warm and funny.

“an elegant, classic pairing.”

January 19, 2011

more like INTENSE LINT

Whatever dudes.

Not intense mint at all, Lindt! It’s tasty dark chocolate, sure, but it doesn’t stand out at all. I’d rather be eating Andes Candies!

In fact, Tootsie, the people who do the Andes Candies, need to get on making a dark chocolate version as big as the Lindt ones. I don’t care how much HFCS it takes.

That’s all I got.

January 14, 2011

I haven’t updated in so long.
I have like 15 minutes left in my lunch break and I felt like maybe I should say something. Work my updating muscles or whatever.
Just don’t have much to say, I guess. I’m working hard to lose my holiday weight and I’m trying to save money to move to Victoria to be with my sweetheart. Both are difficult things to do.

My mother sent my siblings and I the following email on New Year’s Eve, right before midnight on the East Coast. Beth and I were having a nice dinner at Via Tribunali in Georgetown. The back seat of the car was full of the liquor we’d drive home with and  use to bring in the new year.

Falta muy poco para entrar en el nuevo año y lo estoy hacienda escuchando la musica de Tchaikovsky, despues de ver la pelicula de Rocky Balboa, muy buena. El año pasado fue el ano peor de mis 69 anos, hace un año a esta hora nos estabamos preparando para viajar hacia Miami desde Paris y ni la menor idea teniamos Esteban y yo de los que nos esperaba en el ano 2010.

Han sido pruebas muy duras, pero tambien me han mostrado que no soy la mujer debil que siempre crei que era, pude luchar con el dolor de ver a Esteban deteriorarse por dia y saber que una parte de mi se iba con el.

Tengo dias muy difíciles, pero, en general, estoy bastante bien, no se preocupen por mi, yo puedo. Tengo muchos gratos recuerdos que me sostienen, tuve muchos anos de gran felicidad, no todos podemos decir eso y le doy gracias a Diois por ello todos los dias de mi vida.

El siempre me decia, si me quejaba de ustedes, que buenos hijos tienes! Que mas quieres? Y es cierto, gracias por vuestro apoyo, por el amor, las llamadas, la preocupación, el cariño, que privilegio tenerlos, gracias, gracias.

Este año sera mejor y pienso que las pruebas nos ayudan a crecer y ver la vida desde una perspectiva mas real y eso precisamente es lo que haremos nosotros, poniendo en primer lugar siempre lo mas importante que es el amor de los unos por los otros y mantenernos unidos pase lo que pase.

Celeste no sabe donde meterse con los cohetes, estaba debajo de la cama y Charo duerme tranquilamente. Les quiero mucho y deseo que este ano que comienza en una hora y 41 minutos les traiga felicidad, tranquilidad y paz y por ultimo, pero no menos importante, la salud. Mami

If you can read spanish, you know that it’s kind of a devastating email even though (or maybe because) she’s trying to keep her chin up for the next year. She lost her husband, my stepfather, to cancer last year. She also says she’d just finished watching the final Rocky movie (which she enjoyed) and talks about how we’re all good kids and thanks us all for it. She tells us all that the last year proved that she’s not the weak lady she always thought she was. She tells us how her cat was freaking out about the fireworks and her dog was asleep at her side.
She says not to worry about her.

If I had printed it, I’d have eventually lost it. I didn’t know what to do with it and leaving it in my email inbox just didn’t give it the permanence I would have liked.