Building Service Worker

January 28, 2013

I’m on break right now from a school program I’m in. It’s called the Building Service Worker program.

I had the opportunity to take this free school program, so here I am. It’s three weeks long and I’ll be leaving with three new certificates to put onto my resume. A lot of it basically could be narrowed down to “cleaning school” but there’s food handling and First Aid certificates in there too, and my résumé needs the bells and whistles. I’ve sent out so many at this point and I’ve been ignored every single person.

I worked with an outfit called Trauma Scene Clean Up for about three months but the work seems to have dried up. It was great work. I like to think it isn’t over and that I’ll soon be getting calls to get out there again. The money’s good, I like my coworkers, and I like helping people.

I don’t know where I’ll be at the end of this program but they have a job placement at the end so I’ll most likely have a steady job. I’ll try to avoid night jobs and being severely underpaid, but otherwise I’ll be happy to be back out of the house and bringing home a paycheck.


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