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CDs in the Car: Deadguy – Fixation on a Coworker

March 6, 2014


There’s this trailer for the new Muppets movie in which Ricky Gervais shows some muppets his ID and it reads “Dominic Badguy’ and he explains that its pronounced ‘Badgee’ because its a French name. I thought of that today while listening to Deadguy. Deadgee.

I felt lucky to have found this among the mess of CDs in the car today– I wanted something aggressive. It’s a copy, but I know I have the real version somewhere. It’s probably in Miami, in my mom’s garage. I always loved that insane layout. I also have the LP somewhere.

Fixation on a Coworker is an old favorite of mine from highschool. I remember Deadguy appearing on the Victory Records roster and all the hardcore kids making all kinds of weird assumptions and categorizations at the time. We called Deadguy stupid things like ‘evilcore’ and I think I was a bit afraid of them. They weren’t like other hardcore bands. They didn’t seem nice, they weren’t straight edge or at all positive. There were no youth crew chants.

Like all things dubbed evil, I eventually gravitated to them and after hearing them on a Victory Records sampler. I loved this band. I loved Kiss it Goodbye, too. This CDR also has an Engine Down album on it. I remember putting the whole Deadguy record on whatever empty space was left on the disc just in case I didn’t like the Engine Down album (I did). I must have made this CD over a decade ago.

I don’t know what to say about the record. People called this noisecore. 19 years later, It holds up. Its one of the funnest records in my collection. Its so gleefully dark and heavy.