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CDs in the Car: Deadguy – Fixation on a Coworker

March 6, 2014


There’s this trailer for the new Muppets movie in which Ricky Gervais shows some muppets his ID and it reads “Dominic Badguy’ and he explains that its pronounced ‘Badgee’ because its a French name. I thought of that today while listening to Deadguy. Deadgee.

I felt lucky to have found this among the mess of CDs in the car today– I wanted something aggressive. It’s a copy, but I know I have the real version somewhere. It’s probably in Miami, in my mom’s garage. I always loved that insane layout. I also have the LP somewhere.

Fixation on a Coworker is an old favorite of mine from highschool. I remember Deadguy appearing on the Victory Records roster and all the hardcore kids making all kinds of weird assumptions and categorizations at the time. We called Deadguy stupid things like ‘evilcore’ and I think I was a bit afraid of them. They weren’t like other hardcore bands. They didn’t seem nice, they weren’t straight edge or at all positive. There were no youth crew chants.

Like all things dubbed evil, I eventually gravitated to them and after hearing them on a Victory Records sampler. I loved this band. I loved Kiss it Goodbye, too. This CDR also has an Engine Down album on it. I remember putting the whole Deadguy record on whatever empty space was left on the disc just in case I didn’t like the Engine Down album (I did). I must have made this CD over a decade ago.

I don’t know what to say about the record. People called this noisecore. 19 years later, It holds up. Its one of the funnest records in my collection. Its so gleefully dark and heavy. 


Albums We Own: Avail – Over the James

March 5, 2014


I can’t believe I’d never listened to this.

I’ve done this for years. I get albums from bands I love and then its like I’m afraid of listening to them in case they won’t live up their previous work. (I do this with Neurosis every time– it takes me weeks to listen to their new records even though I usually pick them up as soon as they’re released. They still haven’t lived up to what they did in Times of Grace) In the case of Over the James and 4am Friday, its been years. A few years ago Jade Tree repressed some Avail records and I picked up a couple because Dixie is one if my favorite albums of all time. I filed them away I’m finally listening to Over the James this week.

I blasted this in the car on the way to and from work with my coworker in the car and he had nothing to say about it. He only likes Rob Zombie. Avail is still one of the great bands of my lifetime. Over the James proves it. I miss them. I’m so lucky I got to see them in Ft. Lauderdale with Hot Water Music when I was a teenager. They were so, so much fun.

I saw Tim Barry a couple of years ago at El Corazon in Seattle and while I’m sad Avail isn’t around anymore, he put on one of the best shows I saw while I lived there.

Pneu – Highway to Health

May 27, 2011

Highway to Health

I can’t believe how good this album is. I played Highway to Health 2.5 times today at the gym (it’s a relatively short album at only 9 songs). Noisy, mathy, instrumental. I could imagine having the time of my life seeing them live.

All I know about Pneu is that they’re french. Their myspace page is practically useless and… well, that’s it. By googling the band or their album, all one gets is multiple places to download the album for free. No real bits of information anywhere. I don’t even know how their name is pronounced. I’d probably go with a silent “p” on that one.

Please play Seattle or Victoria soon, Pneu.


Rob Swift: The Architect

April 24, 2010

It’s the second time I listen to Rob Swift’s new one, The Architect. I was a big fan of parts of Sound Event.

There were enough emcees I didnt’ necessarily like littered through the album but the instrumental tracks were flawless. They made me bob my head and kind of made me want to dance, which is rare, given my inability to do so.

The Architect is his new one, and it’s on Ipecac Recordings. I’m not surprised to see this– Mike Patton has collaborated with the X-Ecutioners in the past.

(I should say at this point that I just checked Wikipedia and Rob Swift has released a number of albums between Sound Event and The Architect. I’ve been completely out of touch.)

The Architect is a very different record form Sound Event– the scratching is there and he still sounds amazing but there’s a lot of slow beats here. The music is a lot less funky and frankly, darker. I guess that’s a little bit of the Ipecac influence showing. As far as I can tell so far, this record rules. Rob Swift is using a lot of classical soundtrack-y kind of music here layered over the beats and it 80’s big budget horror movies to mind. I suggest everyone check it out, especially fans of scratching/turntablism.

January 13, 2010

When the going gets rough, take a spinning class.
That’s what I did today. I felt bad all day. A mixture of an awareness of my weight, my job, and the speed at which time is passing me by–this is what defined my day at work today. I listened to an entire episode the Best Show on WFMU and smiled, even giggled a little, but nothing changed. Beth and I emailed some and really, that’s the best part of my day. My mood and state of gloom, however, stayed put. I refused any conversations at work today, sticking to my headphones and podcasts.

Enter the gym. I went right after work. I finished to an episode of the Slate Culture Gabfest that I had started listening to at work and switched to something more workout-able: Blu and Exile – Below the Heavens. A hell of an album. Really- I can’t believe how good these guys are. The rhymes and production on it are so impressive. I took in the music and I had a decent workout. I thought a lot about whether or not I would hit the music store after the gym, and what I would buy if I did. I did a chest work out that left me sore (I went easy on the weight, though. I hadn’t really done more than one chest workout in the last month.) and I walked/ran a couple of miles on the treadmill but I still felt the weight of that funk on my shoulders. I wanted to learn to dance, get a new job, build a house, write a novel, save a life, and finish school. I felt like I needed an injection of pride. Then I noticed a spinning class was starting. I noticed that a girl who I’d seen working out earlier was the teacher. I thought about her and the fact that she’d worked out but still was going to teach an hour-long spinning class. I wandered in and sat down on a bike. These are more streamlined versions of the stationary bikes one usually sees at gyms– thinner and smaller. Nothing electronic about it. No dials, counters, etc. I sat down nervously waiting and doing what other people were doing– spinning their wheels and stretching. Some girl walked in and asked me if I had removed a towel she’d placed on the bike. I guess she was saving her place on that bike. But there wasn’t any towel there when I came in and I told her so. I was immovable. It was hard enough just walking into that room and getting on that bike. I wasn’t leaving because some girl wanted to save her spot.

The music started, and the instructor, who had a bike in front of everyone else in the class, spoke through a headset microphone. She drove us hard and seemed nothing short of merciless to me, but she didn’t give me shit when I slowed down and I really appreciate that. I could barely keep up with the class. I spent the entire hour moving, but a lot of the time when the rest of the class was doing stand up pedaling, I just fell onto the bike. This thing was hard to do. My hands were slipping off the handles from all the sweat and my shirt was so wet that it became a part of me. I kept looking at the clock and wondering when it would end. I wondered what the hell I was doing there, in a spinning class. I didn’t belong there, I’m too damn fat. Everyone’s always talked about how hard a spinning class is. My ass hurt bad from the stupid seat. I thought about all the pain I would be in tomorrow and I felt embarrassed every time the instructor looked my way and I wasn’t standing on the bike pedals the way the rest of the class was.
I didn’t stop pedaling, though. And I didn’t walk out. And that feels good.

I may even do it again.