2011 in Shows

January 9, 2012

12/30 Neurosis, Wolves in the Throne Room – Neumos

01/26 X-Ray Press – Sunset Tavern

02/02 Ron Funches – Chop Suey

02/12 Sebadoh, Quasi – Neumos

02/14 Maria Bamford – The Moore

03/26 Marc Maron – Laughs Kirkland

03/08 Michael Showalter – The Triple Door

03/15 Devo – The Moore

03/23 Rory Scovel & Derek Sheen – Annex Theater

04/20 Jordan Morris, Ron Lynch, Chris Fairbanks. Moshe Kasher @ Chop Suey

05/09 Dan Telfer, Bryan Cook, Mike Drucker @ Mars Bar

05/28 Jen Kirkman, Rylee Newton, Ron Funches @ Re-Bar

05/29 Craig Ferguson, Randy Kagan @ The Moore

06/27 Brent Weinbach, Danielle Radford, Lindy West @ El Corazon

07/01 Anti-Social Network– Jim Breuer, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Bill Burr @ The Paramount

07/20 Laff Hole! ft. Kumail Nanjiani, Charles, Mike Drucker @ Chop Suey

08/04 Torche, Helms Alee @ Neumos

08/06 Brian Posehn, Mike Drucker, Derek Sheen @ Neptune

09/04 Bumbershoot After Party – Andy Haynes, Kyle Kinane, Hari Kondolabu, Anthony Lopez @ Chop Suey

10/18 Seattle Rock Orchestra @ The Moore

11/02 Laff Hole ft. Who Charted? with Sir Mix-A-Lot @ Chop Suey

11/11 Wild Flag @ Neumos

11/19 Tune-Yards @ Sugar (Victoria)

2011 meant more comedy than music, less hardcore and metal than ever. I saw Janet Weiss kill it on the drums twice.


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