September 23, 2011
blood and pearl and hair

I had a bump cut out of my head yesterday. It was a bump I’d had for a couple of years– it didn’t hurt or do anything but it was there and didn’t really belong there so it had to go.

It was a kind of cyst that happens when one of your hair follicles doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It’s not an ingrown hair, exactly, but something like it. Anyway, this little hair hardens into something like a little pea made of pearl. It was like a baby tooth by the time it came out. This is right at my rapidly-receding hairline, on the left side. I have the kind of cyst it is written down on a sheet of paper. That sheet of paper is in my car.

Now I have tylenol and a travel-sized bit of vaseline that I rub on the stitches to keep them moist. They’ll come off next Friday morning. Until then, I’ll have this weird, vaseline-smeared, bloody spot at the top of my forehead that I have to be careful not to stain things with.


One Response to “bump.”

  1. Beth Says:

    and today it came back benign! Huzzah.

    I love you, even if you have weird things growing in your head.

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