May 13, 2011

How am I this bad at blogging?
Things are coming along… expensively. But they’re coming along. Beth and I will be married on June 11th, 2011. The whole thing is more exciting than I ever could have imagined, and acknowledging that fact makes it even more exciting.

I’ll have a couple of family members (mom, sister) flying in from Miami, a friend (Frank) flying in from South Carolina, and a couple of people ferrying in from Seattle.

The wedding itself will be tiny and intimate and held at Beth’s parents’ place. There’s a tree there, and Beth planted it when she was a kid. Now we’ll get married next to it. The reception will be held at the Parkside Hotel penthouse. The whole thing is coming together pretty well. I’m psyched.

My suit (via has arrived at Beth’s place and it’s just waiting to be tried on. I picked up a dress shirt and some nice shoes this week, and the tie is basically the only part that needs to be decided on.

The wedding band is a tungsten thing we found on ebay. $16. I love it.

I’ve already said goodnight to Beth for the evening but I felt like I should at least log on and check in.

New exciting things:









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  1. Maria Elena Says:

    What a wonderful wedding!! You and Beth make a beautiful couple!!

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