January 26, 2011
“You want an area rug!”

Punchline (1988) made me feel old-timey and conservative. None of the comedians in it were particularly funny, nothing about it struck me as being at all realistic, but I liked it because it’s a sweet movie. The ending made me feel good. There wasn’t anything torrid or dark about it– in fact it was a really kind of harmless movie for its R rating. It had a few “fucks” here and there but no one self-destructs or murders or even sleeps with anyone in the entire film. Tom Hanks plays a self-centered comedian on his way up who learns a little lesson about life when someone does something completely selfless for him. That’s it. I can barely think of that previous sentence without hearing it in an ironic or sarcastic voice.

Writing about it makes me feel so… Andy Rooney-ish. In the end I just felt like it was … nice. And sweet. John Goodman is in it and he rules in everything. There were these weird Home Alone-esque gags in it that were so bad and misplaced that they were great. Also, young Tom Hanks still looks like my older brother to me. It’s difficult for me not to think of him in a good light.

Anyway, thanks to Beth and the random-ass Zip.ca (like a Canadian Netflix only it’s so shoddy you rarely get what is at the top of your queue, so the movies that arrive each week are kind of random), I was finally able to see Punchline between episodes of Mad Men and two European movies about murders (A Prophet) and affairs (I am Love) last weekend.


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