Now Enjoying: Terriers

November 17, 2010

Terriers is so much fun.
“A serious show with funny parts,” is what the creators say. To hear them tell it, the funny bits are mostly organic to the action taking place in front of the camera, because the actors are so great. Donal Logue sounds like he believes it, too. I’m tempted to say that he buys into his own bullshit a little bit too much but the fact is that he’s really that good. If I had it my way, he’d take home the Best Actor Oscar next year. And yes, Oscar, because an Emmy just doesn’t cut it.

It bears mentioning that there are no actual terriers in the show. I mean, occasionally, but not with any regularity.  I guess, as someone told me, that the name “Terriers” is because these dudes are detectives, like bloodhounds. I didn’t even know bloodhounds were terriers. To me, a terrier looks like this:

whoosa poopy? are you a poopy? aw, poopy schmoop poop

I want everyone to watch it. On the Nerdist Podcast, Donal (done like condone, nal like canal) Logue said things to the effect of “maybe people will just be happy to watch the show on DVD as a really good mini-series.”
They’ve given up on the thing because it doesn’t have enough viewers. I bet Terriers gets more viewers now than The Shield had in its first season.

Anyway, watch it. The good guys are mostly good and the bad guys are mostly bad. It’s a bit of a break from all the other cable shows in which every single character is a piece of shit. As much as I enjoy all those other shows in which every single lead (Don Draper, Clay Morrow, Vic Mackey, every last character in The League) is an odious hateful cheating monster, sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different.

Also, the theme song for this show is awesome and gets stuck in your head all day, every day.


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