My Fantastico Cup

October 29, 2010

Actually, I don’t know whether I’m supposed to call it a cup or a mug. It’s a ceramic cup with a rubber lid, and its made out to look like your average paper coffee-shop cup.

I love this thing. You can microwave it and carry it everywhere and refill it all you want. It is a prized possession. When I keep it clean, it looks almost elegant.

Beth got it for me. I’d always stop to look at it and I’d say that I couldn’t justify spending the $20 on what amounts to a small microwave-safe thermos. She saw the sparkle in my eye everytime we’ve been at Caffe Fantastico and I’ve stopped to stare at it as if I were Wayne Campbell staring at a guitar store display.

Now I carry teabags in my bookbag and get free hot water on the ferries.
Sometimes I eat oatmeal out of it.
The cost of an americano in it is usually $2 (some of the finer bikini-barista establishments charge $3).
I endorse this product fully.
I know Bella Rosa in Port Angeles has their own, and Starbucks used to. I don’t know where else to get one yet.
Be jealous of me and my fantastic cup.


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