Brian May on Fresh Air

September 23, 2010

I don’t know if I’m more sensitive (I am) or more easily depressed (I am) or the world is more depressing lately (probably), but I’ve been putting off listening to my Fresh Air podcasts. A lot of them cover the wars in the Middle East or the atrocities in various African nations and well, depressing shit. Terry Gross splits her time on the show between depressing shit interviews and fun movie and culture interviews, but it’s a crap shoot when you put on a Fresh Air podcast, especially when you’re trying to do it quickly, in a way that the boss won’t see you fiddling with the iPod at work.

They pile up in my iTunes and in my iPod unlistened. Instead I spend my days listening to two or three comedy podcasts and two or three movie/culture podcasts, every day. Today I chanced another episode of Fresh Air and it was this one.

Queen’s Brian May is a scientist now, and he’s promoting a new 3-D photograpy book called A Village Lost and Found. To hear Terry Gross interview the guitarist of one of my favorite bands and then hear that he’s still out there, still brilliant but in an entirely different way, was a pick-me up. I suggest everyone listen to it.


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