May 30, 2009

I really, really love what it is that James Kochalka does. And what he does is touching, cute, and shockingly violent at the same time. And by touching I mean surprisingly touching. I’ve read 2.5 of his books now and they always get me right there. I told him so. I pointed at my chest and said “Monkey vs. Robot got me right there, man.” of course, that was when I’d only read Monkey vs. Robot. I’ve since read just less than half of the first collected American Elf book and now, Magic Boy and the Robot Elf.

It really is a thing of beauty the way he tells these seemingly nonsensical tales that grab you. Almost like a cuter, less developed version of a Jason story.

I suggest everyone go to their local bookstore, grab a cup of coffee, and read a James Kochalka book as soon as possible.

Then buy all of them.


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  1. Bethy Says:

    1) I'm glad you loved that. I thought it was pretty fantastic.2) "Today, I called the number a guy had given me at a bar last night. I got the Soulja Boy Hotline. Now every few hours I get messages on my phone like 'Good morning! Jump on up and get yo swag on, this is Soulja Boy!' and I can't seem to get it to stop. FML"

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