December 20, 2008

What a stupid, sick, waste of a week its been. I think this may be my first ever Seattle cold. I’ve had Seattle sniffles before, but not like this. Not this debilitating stuff-ass bullshit. I’ll be glad to be over it soon. I was working out a lot and seeing results and really… finally feeling like I was getting stuff done.

Aside from being my first proper Seattle cold, this week has also brought my first proper bit of Seattle snow. And by ‘proper bit’ I mean I’ve been indoors for the last two days. I’m mostly too frightened to drive, and anyone following the news should be. Some websites were making it seem as if it was the first time its ever snowed here. They made it seem as if It was smart to stay indoors not because of the snow but because the Dawn of the Dead was taking place outside. Right now there’s a group of about 4 guys and a pregnant lady who are staying at the Southcenter Mall, waiting to be able to get out safely, apparently.

I’ve spent the last two days in bed, playing on the laptop. One of the things I did was play on both Yelp and Facebook way, way too much. An embarrassing amount. But hey, I don’t really know anyone here so e-socializing, sometimes, especially when I’m snowed in and sick, is the way to go.

When not soullessly interneting and eating shit online, I’ve been doing a couple of other things. One of those things has been reading Nick Hornby’s Shakespeare Wrote for Money, a book which I’ve been enjoying, to my surprise, a whole lot. Shakespeare Wrote for Money arrived this week from McSweeney’s and I thought “no way this is the book of the month.” The other ones had been so nice, these massive hardcover editions with embossed lettering on the covers and all that. this one’s just an itty-bitty paperback. Either way, the book collects some of Hornby’s columns from The Believer.

Hornby is astute, funny, and wordy. I like reading this a lot right now. I remember trying to read his column from The Believer itself and feeling like I didn’t understand what he was saying. Turns out I just have a really short attention span, is all. I feel like reading it now, and I’m enjoying it a whole lot. I love finding his take on books I’ve actually read, like Allison Blechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home and books that are on my shelf waiting to be read, like Jesse Walter’s The Zero (He liked both of them).

I’ve also watched two discs of Brotherhood, a Showtime drama about a couple of brothers– one is in local Rhode Island politics, and the other is in the local mob. Hilarity ensues. Actually, not at all. This show, for obvious reasons, gets a lot of comparisons to The Sopranos, so that’s what I’ll do here. Brotherhood, while good, doesn’t carry any of the pathos that Tony and the gang did. Brotherhood really only seems to have one somewhat sympathetic character, while The Sopranos really only seemed to have one or two that weren’t. Yeah, Christopher Moltesanti was a abusive cheater who occasionally called Adriana a whoor, but we loved him. I don’t know why, but we did. I think its because, for better or for worse, we watched him struggle. With not taking drugs, with who to shoot and who not to shoot. We felt for him when Paulie busted his balls and smelled Adriana’s underwear while going through her drawers. We knew Cleaver would be an awful movie, and yet we wanted it to make him rich and famous so that he could leave the life behind.

But I digress– my point is that the characters on Brotherhood are mostly abhorrent and mean and sad and unfunny. Still it gets four stars on my netflix queue. I haven’t been able to explain why, though. I’m thinking Jason Isaac. I’m thinking I just like watching the guy, more without the blonde Malfoy wig than with. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at what a handsome dude he is– I’d only seen him as Lucius Malfoy in the past. Now I never want to see him in that role again, because it’d somehow take away from his repugnant Irish gangster thug persona. The dude that it drives me crazy to watch sometimes is Jason Clarke. Guy looks like Chandler Bing only beat up. His face makes me uncomfortable. He looks like a garbage pail kid. Either way, its made for good watching. And Hornby’s made for good reading. And I’m grateful for it. Also for the Slanket Beth got me. Thing’s a lifesaver in this weather.


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  1. Bethy Says:

    I promise, this is an unusual wintry winter. Don’t worry. :)You make me want to watch Brotherhood. But…the idea of thinking of the Sopranos guys as sympathetic characters…? Kind of a stretch. Tony MAYBE, Christopher MAYBE, Furio and Bobby Bacalieri, definitely. But all the others seem like one-dimensional violence machines with too much pomade in their hair. *sigh* It’s snowin’ again. I love youse, ya goombah.Good blog.

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