November 19, 2008

I am not a cook.

But I really used to want to be, so badly. I just never got around to it. Learning, that is. I let my mom do it for me. Then my ex-girlfriend. I grew up on a steady diet of quesadillas, the only thing I’ve ever known how to make. I’ve always cut up leftovers (made by someone else) and thrown them into my quesadillas and called it ‘mexican.’ heh.

Last night, however, I made myself proud. I made Coconut Curried Chicken from a recipe I got off of Did it come out great? No. I made it, though. This was no mean feat– I made kraft mac & cheese for the first time this May, I think. I almost feel bad that I made enough for lunch for the next few days, because I want to keep experimenting and learning. So much fun.


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