April 21, 2006
things have changed, somewhat.
Partially, it’s this crazy diet that she and I are doing. Instead of hitting the snack machine, I’m eating prunes (yes, prunes) and smoked almonds at work. Also, after reading a particularly effective essay on what I’ll call ‘America’s Additude Problem’ and a good shrink visit, I’ve decided that I need to retool how I feel about this job. Yes, it’s a hassle and yes, I have to speak to Serbian people about (really) faulty satellite equipment that has been sold to them by a company that is, in essence, ripping them off, but the hours are good. The pay is good. The benefits are good, and there’s always overtime available to me when I need it. While I may be further sacrificing my dignity every day that I work here, I’m also allowed to come in late every day and call in sick whenever I need to.
Life is fine. I live in a great apartment with two great women and three cats. We eat well and watch Netflix movies and television. It’s all I require.

Also, the game XIII rules.


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